Challenge #03712-J059: Bootstraps Not Included

On the planet, the women disappeared, the CEO's replaced them with robotic women.

On the planet, the men and children disappeared, the CEO's replaced them with AI workers.

On the planet, the AI began to fade away, the workers began to stop working.

The CEO's demanded their people return.

The living, now freed, individuals shouted back "Use your bootstraps!" -- Anon Guest

"Nobody ever handed me anything on a silver platter," said CEO Zalmoxis Morong as he plucked a petit four offered to him on a gilded platter. "Everything I have accomplished, I have accomplished on my own. I pulled myself to a position of power by pulling myself up by my bootstraps. So anyone else can do the same." He sipped delicately from his wine glass. "I am the epitome of a self-made man. Everyone else is too lazy or too ready to make excuses."

The Alliance interviewer transmitting this across every possible receiver said, "So you have every confidence that you could make yourself all over again?"

"Every confidence," said Zalmoxis. That was how the trouble began.

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