Challenge #03672-J019: A Wolf With Honour

I am a member of Pax Humanis. I have sworn my very life, my SOUL, to this Havenworlder and their family. I will protect them for as long as I can draw breath. They saved my beloved family, they saved my children, anyone that touches them, or my family, will pray that death finds them before I do. -- The New Guy

Once upon a time, a Human decided that it was a good idea to throw food to a wolf. Eventually, they created dogs from doing that.

Zaak had often wondered if that was the starting point for Humanity's species-wide insanity. Certainly, hir studies had never been helpful in finding a solution to that question. Answering it was moot, of course. People could not simply cure or prevent species-wide madness. There were ethics involved.

Just like the ethics of freeing a trapped Human from fallen debris. They were an intelligent being in distress. Leverage and quick thinking saved a life.

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