Challenge #03658-J005: Unskilled at Bargaining

A dragon "kidnaps" Wraithvine's friend, Gikka, and flew off with her. Though, oddly enough, seemed to be flying slow enough to let Wraithvine keep up. Only to gently put Gikka down by a pile of books, and ask Gikka to please teach them how to read, offering dragon's gold in return for the favor. -- Lessons

Kobolds and Dragons go way back. Some say that when the world was very new, Dragons allegedly created Kobolds to be their servants. You know, since the bid to create Drakkonbred for similar purposes went so well[1].

Gikka, like many Kobolds, had dreams of being a "real" Dragon one day. It did not take much effort for Nurdoth Maviskal to lure Gikka away with promises.

"Lessons," they whispered. "Lessons for gold. I have jewels, I have treasure... and you have skills I need." And like all deals that seem so fantastic in the beginning, full disclosure was not an option. Consent only counts when it is informed, and informed properly.

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