Challenge #03653-I365: Simple Chemistry for Galactic Complications

Bold of you to assume that I know what I’m doing

several explosions later

Well now would you look at that, it worked. Now stfu and let's keep moving before this planet or I, kills you -- Anon Guest

Xym MacGillicuddy had one rule: Never plan, just be prepared.

Those encountering it for the first time were always confused. If being prepared wasn't planning, what was ze prepared for? To which Xym answered, "Zombie apocalypse suit you? 'Cause anything's good for a zombie apocalypse."

The Human capacity for non-extant terrors when the universe was full of so many other things to fear knew no boundaries. But as a thought exercise, Zombie Apocalypse covered a great many disparate disasters. They covered infectious disease, infrastructure collapse, hostile cogniscents by a technicality, and sundry resource scarcities. Simultaneously.

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