Challenge #03650-I362: Follow Their Lead

A group of Deregger rescues have recently been released from therapy. It took a while, there was a lot of pain to work through. They go to Respite Station to live, and find the owner, or whoever runs the place, to ask if they can work here. -- The New Guy

Two kind hands, it is said, can change the world around them. Hands aren't even necessary, but it does make the saying that much snappier. Respite Station abounds with them.

Not just the officers of the CRC, the Cogniscent Rights Committee, but also all the people staffing the immense garden station. There's need for all kinds of workers. Mediks are always in high demand. As are therapists.

Sometimes, what a Deregger refugee needs most is to see someone who's been through it all. Someone like them.

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