Challenge #03646-I358: Welcome to All

Desperate, and hearing the Alliance gave medical care for FREE, Dereggers from many systems within the empire begin sneaking away, often with help, to save their families lives and get help. -- Anon Guest

They came in drifts. They came in droves. Freighters arrived with their holds full of the tired, the weak, and the huddled masses. The desperate, the starving, and the all-but-hopeless.

They had nothing but the clothing on their backs and the knowledge in their heads. They had risked everything to get there, and thoroughly expected the worst. They only had the faintest glimmer of hope, but it was better than what they left behind.

Some Deregulations sent them on purpose, to allegedly teach the Alliance how burdensome their unwanted citizens could be. They lived in an alternate reality where charity was a limited resource and kindness was a form of weakness.

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