Challenge #03639-I351: Convalescence Telepresence

The human had severe injuries to the point they could not move. Until the body could heal, or if the injuries were too severe, replaced, they had a special, AI-produced, neural net placed on their head, and an android body to move around and do things for them. -- Anon Guest

"I don't want no chips in my head, I don't want no copies made of me. If I'm dying, I'm dying. No implants. I knew what I was doing when I went in and I knew I was less likely to come out again. Actions have consequences. I'm honestly lucky I get to see you all again." Human Lerm could only speak. His ability to move had been disconnected by advanced science. Just a simple external bypass. Nothing invasive.

The B'Nari Medtech Speculum sighed as if ze was too used to hearing such objections. A B'Nari could technically live forever, but few non-B'Nari ever accepted the options they had to offer.

Combating the "Ick Factor" was always a problem.

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