Challenge #03630-I342: And Two Hands For You

A person finds Wraithvine and friends. They present hir with boots made especially for long, hard, wearing, with spells embedded in the boots to boost longevity of the materials, though they were well made to be proofed even against mud and water. Also new clothes also made for centuries of wearing, and a brand new heavy winter clothing. The same person made clothing and new footwear for hir friends, and even a little winter jacket for Lilbit, though was unsure how to make footwear for kitties. -- Anon Guest

[AN: How to make footwear for kitties - don't. If you're concerned about your kitty's paddy paws, maybe carry them]

There is a saying: What goes around, comes around. And it generally means that if you spend your waking hours choosing to be an arsehole, that arseholery will come back at you like the forgotten boomerang of fate. For those who spread kindness, it certainly feels like only the assholery gets to boomerang. For them, it feels like kindness is soaked up by the dry ground of the universe, never to be seen again.

The real test of charity is to keep doing it.

There are some benefits. And some of them take a very long time to occur. Such as... an Elf who once swore on a God's heart to make the world better before ze died. An Elf who helped others and kept helping. Century after century. Eon after eon.

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