Challenge #03626-I338: Parcel of Peace

These creatures are DANGEROUS, don't even think of challenging them, are you mad?? They eat POISONS for fun! They drink ACIDS for refreshment! Their bodies are made so they can run for MILES before they even begin to get TIRED! DO NOT FLAKKING CHALLENGE THEM! -- Anon Guest

Who could possibly believe that a rubbery hairless biped with an internal skeleton could also be the most relentless killing machine in the known universe? Certainly not Thrith Wout, who was running for hir life from the unstoppable Deathworlder horror.

It was an unbelievable series of regrettable incidents. And a lot of regrets. Wout should never have flown into an area marked with several Human sightings. Having flown into the area, ze should have ideally turned tail and run upon spotting another ship. Having flown closer for identification, ze should never have opened fire on a Human vessel.

Ze should never have set off the EMP after realising that regular mass projectiles had no effect[1]. Having set off the EMP, the automated systems of both ships put them in the same hospitable planet for the softest landing that passive systems could permit.

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