Challenge #03623-I335: What You Need

A cavern is found with enough gold, silver, coppers, jewelry, books, rich clothing, everything a person could ever desire. But there's a warning on this entrance. It reads "Take only what is needed." And, outside the cavern, a large hospital, where many adventurers can be found. -- Anon Guest

The Church of Kind Hands keeps supplies for those who need. They accept the gifts of many, and distribute them to the wanting. Some gift their time. Rolling bandages, chopping wood, cooking food for the multitude, drawing water. Any number of small things that add up to enormous help.

Some gift things. Blankets, clothes, pots and pans, bedframes, bedding... and valuables. Sometimes it mounts up. Sometimes, there's not enough needy to take it all. Sometimes the lords of the lands declare taxes on those who accept "too much" assistance[1].

Skating around the labyrinthine hatred of the wealthy is something the adherents of Kind Hands are good at. Meanwhile, there's what to do with the hoard.

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