Challenge #03605-I316: Miraculous is as Miraculous Does

The sentient Gravity Drives consider them a miracle worker. They've even gained the respect of the Nae'hyn. They've had a lot of experience with fixing damage to the Gravity Drives, and thanks to a mild empathic ability, know how to soothe even the crankiest ones very quickly. -- Anon Guest

Gravity Drives, it might surprise many to know, are cusp-cogniscent. Their classification as such has lead to a number of rights and protections that are enforced both by the CRC and the Nae'hyn themselves. With an option for a wronged Gravy Drive to enact their own retaliation[1].

The AI Alliance keeps a beady and judgemental eye on the Nae'hyn all the same. The Nae'hyn generally keep to themselves and rarely let outsiders in.

It's because their unique faith also often gains mockery from outsiders, not because they are xenophobes. They tend to treat all strangers with suspicious trepidation, and seldom welcome newcomers to their territories. Except for Techie Yves, who's also an Esper.

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