Challenge #03598-I309: It's Expected?

Several humans and Galactics start to play music and sing for a crowd getting off of a large vessel. The vessel is carrying many, many individuals who recently stole the ship to escape from a brutal Deregger polity that had just collapsed. -- Anon Guest

They expected police. They expected to be shot. They did not anticipate doctors. They did not expect music. The musicians were behind a barrier, but the music played through speakers as the livesuited Mediks ushered them towards a very prepared area.

They were singing in their variant of Deregger English[1]. Something that must have taken some time to do. "What can we say except 'you're welcome'/ To the beds and the meds and the food/ Yes it's okay, okay. You're welcome/ Don't refuse, it could be rude..."

They also wondered how they got away with that when the Owners were still litigious[2]. It was sufficient distraction to see groups into treatment areas and, thereafter, free treatment.

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