Challenge #03554-I265: Battling Ignorance

On a twist of fate, Amatu has to defend Wraithvine from racist jerks who hate Elves. Calls Wraithvine his sibling, and ends up in a fistfight, why waste magic on nonmagical bullies? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Check the tag "amatus-adventure" for further shenanigans]

There was a very crude sign outside of the village. It said, NOW NYFEERS. There was a semi-helpful frowny face with pointed ears on the placard, with a red X painted over it.

"If we go through quickly?" suggested Wraithvine. "They might not pay too much attention." This said to a group consisting of an Ogre, a Bugbear, a twelve-year-old with Draconic wings, and Amatu.

Amatu, the half-hellbred, half-angelborn child of prophecy and fate, who could stand out anywhere he went. "Do we have to go through here?"

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