Friday, Unfuckening and Shenanigans

I need to clean the catio today, and also see the local medico visavis my blood test. I also may have picked up a rhinovirus at Woolies.

Some dingus didn't cover their firkin mouth at the ONE place I forgot to wear my dang mask. FUCK.

I'm going to be exiled to the plague seats out in the open air. All the better to prevent the spread of disease.


Beloved and I have begun to work together on the budget, which includes monitoring our expenditure. As well as keeping our spending to the minimum necessary.

I have learned that keeping the cats happy for a fortnight costs about $120. That's just the wet food. I mean, technically they eat cheaper than we do, but... it still feels like a sock to the gut.

Speaking of socks to the gut, we had to decline purchasing a shiny object which would have cost us more than cat food. Painful. BUT we had to do it for the better budget.

Beloved has exchanged some of her holidays for money, and it won't be good to have that going down the drain for the sake of a pretty objet d'art. No matter HOW many bells, whistles, and shiny fake gems it had. They saw us coming, I have to admit.

To add insult to life's injuries, my headphones have decided to go pants. New ones will cost us $60. Fun times we did not need to have.

And weirdly, I have that post-big-cry lassitude today. No idea why.

Now I must prepare to stream. Storytime soon. Unfuckening thereafter. Bikkie and nonsense following that.