Challenge #03506-I218: A Different Contraband

They worked hard to build their own custom ship. It took them a long time, and a lot of funds, and a ton of very hard work. They made sure the ship had the strongest shields and safety features they could build, and, of course, all the amenities that they, and their family and friends, could ever want or need. The first ship in their small business. What business? Smuggling Dereggers to safety. -- Anon Guest

Raymond Barnet, Security Inspector for the Regimen of the Invisible Hand knew damn well that those Alliance sorts were up to something. They were always up to something. Constantly attempting to undermine the Invisible Hand of the Truly Free Market with their namby-pamby need for "equity". Which was another world for nanny-state hand-holding soft-hearted weakness.

Trader Gorx had a smirk that Barnet hated on sight. Like he was laughing at Barnet behind his back. He was otherwise casual, handing over all the paperwork and allowing every single box, bag, and container to be scanned, searched and tested for contraband.

All. Perfectly. Legal. Unfortunately for Barnet.

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