Challenge #03491-I203: Audience With the Thrice Sworn King

"I'm not a King."

--But you're wearing a crown...---

"I'm a servant.

---I don't understand....----

He goes to the window and points to the cities and lands stretching far and wide. "I serve them. They are MY Kings and Queens."

The thief nods in confusion as they are not being punished, but being offered more funds to help feed their family. -- The New Guy

What are kings? Conquerers and bullies. Greedy guzzling gourmands with cloth-of-gold over their guts. Gilded shoes. Gilded buttons. Gilded coaches. Golden plates and golden forks.

Sneering down at people up to their knees in mud and wearing only rags.

I hate them. They only know how to make war and how to make those already suffering to suffer all the more. This new one is no different to all the others. The fact that he's here is a mistake. I'm about to end someone's dynasty. I'm about to collapse their grand empire or whatever they're calling it.

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