Challenge #03489-I201: Keeping the Balance

A person, a historian who wrote the chronicles of the world once asked, what happened to all the kingdoms, empires, and other lands where the corrupt leaders were felled by Wraithvine the Eternal, and there ended up power vacuums? Did he leave the lands in such a state, to go to war with itself as new powers tried to claim the thrones? Or did he find a way to rule them, until ones could be found that were worthy of such seats of power? -- Anon Guest

Nature hates a vacuum. Wraithvine hates a power vacuum. After ze ended the first few reigns of terror, and learned about those who vie for power, ze never set out to disrupt a tyrant monarch without someone worthy of rule waiting in the wings. If a lost scion didn't exist, ze had ways of creating one.

And, of course, it never hurt to have a team of strong and righteous allies to provide said scion with a better ethical model than the tyrant. Including hir own.

Wraithvine never did it for vainglory. Ze had learned humility during several millennia of hir immortality. Sometimes, ze managed to skate through history without leaving a mark anywhere. This despite changing political spheres wherever ze may wander.

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