Challenge #03459-I171: This Way Out

On their world....

Good Girls Don't Speak

Good Girls Don't Read

Good Girls Don't Think

Good Girls Clean

Good Girls Cook

Good Girls OBEY...

It's a good thing the transport ship is taking them away... from their world. -- Lessons

Good Girls don't pick up flyers in the exercise yard, but one had stuck to Charissa's foot, so it didn't count. Good Girl's don't read, but this glossy page had no words to read. It had pictures, and arrows, and told a story.

Good Girls don't stay up late. Good Girls don't whisper among themselves. Charissa and her friends had disobeyed that rule too many times to fear it any more, and they shared the page together by moonlight. Good Girls don't sneak away from their masters...

Good Girls certainly didn't follow all the signs or use a page of pictures as a guide to find a person with a double-spiral swirl and a sideways eight[1] on their chest. They certainly weren't allowed to show those people the stained page or gesture at the gifts in the last panel. And Good Girls never, ever left home.

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