Challenge #03458-I170: One Post-op Debrief After the Mess

The human is badly wounded, in an ICU drawer, half-conscious, but at peace. They had fought hard, protecting the innocent, and in their heart and mind, what they had suffered, and was recovering from, had been worth it. No lives had been lost. -- Anon Guest

The really great thing about Alliance Medicine was that they had absolutely kicker drugs. Human Wat was effectively floating on a pink cloud of nice, and she was feeling no pain at all. This also meant that she couldn't move, lest she hurt herself even further.

Currently, she was also narrating the slow-floating friendly blobs on her over-face interface screen.

"Orange has left Blue, seemingly forever, to explore the intricacies of Emland[1]." At least, that's what she thought she was saying. It would take a studious and attentive listener to realise that there were words in there. "Is Blue feeling blue? No! Blue is a serial monogomist and immediately hooks up with Red. The hussy."

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