Challenge #03451-I163: Return to Sender

A Deregger invents a weapon that is as small as a micrometeor, however, as soon as the Hungry Caterpillar system snaps it up, it explodes. While one or two are not, on their own, all that dangerous, he figures hundreds of such tiny explosions will do quite a bit of damage inside those things. -- Anon Guest

Clever people have tried to sabotage the Hungry Caterpillar before. Chiefly, asteroid wranglers who considered supremacy in the deadly art of stopping space rocks before they could cause trouble. They didn't always win and that was where the Hungry Caterpillar was meant to be a stopgap.

They took offense and went on strike. The people with the Hungry Caterpillar Defense System hardly noticed. Those without quickly signed on to get one. By now it is inconceivable not to have it installed as basic equipment. Of course, the rough rock-riders took offense at this and went to the next illogical step - sabotage.

They, like Deregger Nathaniel Morganstern-Drake, made the mistake of thinking that the 'jaws' of the wormlike machines were the operating business end. They were merely the containment.

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