Challenge #03396-I108: Are You Sure They're Deathworlders?

A human brings their two beloved pets, a pair of gentle capybaras, aboard station with them. And their antics are just too adorable! -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have only witnessed capybaras being chill and hanging out like they have no flakks to give]

They were on leashes, so they had to be pets. Everything else was a matter of debate, especially among the Designated Companions who were watching them board. There was Human Gene and the two... creatures placidly following in hir wake. As well as a large volume of accessories.

"They can't be cats. Humans don't make domestic cats that big," Companion Mar whispered. "Don't they?"

"I don't think they're dogs, either," murmured Companion Yigh. "They are the size and weight of many dogs, but... the configuration is off.

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