Challenge #03387-I099: Complicated Human Rituals

The ships humans, after having ordered a larger than normal amount of supplies, decide to surprise their crewmates in the survey camp, by getting up extra early to fix a big, lovely, breakfast. -- Anon Guest

It's not easy to sleep when there's a predator trying to be quiet in the immediate vicinity. Humans count as predators. Surveyor Thait was finding this out, as she tried to sleep, at the hour that the team Humans were calling "Sparrow Fart". Humans. They had a name for everything.

Their efforts to be silent were slightly impeded by whispers of, "Shh!" or, "Keep it down."

The Humans were up to something. This was either going to be spectacularly heart-warming, or spectacularly horrifying. They were a species that wanted to pet every creature in existence, after all. Many had lost a hand to the effort. Therefore, to keep the dangerous apes safe, Thait achieved a simulation of consciousness and peeked outside.

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