Challenge #03386-I098: Force Ma-jeure

"""So we just march in to the Undermountain and demand that the Lich King of Ages surrender?" / "Well, nobody's tried that before...""" It's one hell of a fight, no pun intended, and the King's forces learn, do NOT threaten youngsters, or adults for that matter, in front of the person's family, especially in front of the mother. There's a reason the nickname for such is "Mama Bear". -- Anon Guest

These people, Abundance decided, did not know how to take a joke. They actually were just marching into the Undermountain to demand the Lich King of Ages surrender. With the hero foretold being a mother approaching the middle of her century, striding in as if she were going to take up a matter with the manager.

It was a very good thing that Abundance prepared a great deal of defensive and healing magic. He'd never had a mother before and wanted to keep this one around.

He was still trying to figure it out after they got past the Kobolds. The goblins were no problem. Venin simply negotiated a deal where the entire swarm went off to other parts whilst all the other nonsense carried on. Ma Oxbrydl could just... crochet things and they carried on into the deeper depths.

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