Challenge #03280-BONUS006: I Can See Your Homeworld From Here

A Human had far more time than they could count, they found a planet rich with resources that was a Havenworld and yet, it was completely uninhabited, no cogniscent life anywhere. A planet which they quickly had placed under their name. Colonists from Deregulations moved in, one would think this would end up a Deregulation world, the CEO's from the local ones certainly TRIED to get them to become a part of it, but this human, after sitting and listening to the colonists stories, and the fear in their eyes as they went to the large mansion the human lived in, realized... that's not the route they wanted. Not for themselves, not for their families. In this, a world that nearly became one, failed to become a Deregulation, much to the relief of the Alliance, and the colonists. -- Anon Guest

Mirren had fled to this world and lived in dread that it would be the same as their old life. The work was hard, but there were more breaks. Even the boss/owner/manager/whatever was pitching in. But they had built themselves a mansion.

Sure, they shared it with everyone who didn't have a house, but that was going to change. Very soon. When that change came, they would all be doomed. Which was what kept Mirren up at night.

"You need sleep," said the boss, Human Gom. "Everything all right?"

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