Challenge #03274-H365: Of Moose, Mistletoe, and Minors

Wraithvine's friend, Pondermoore, finds a human child lost and afraid in the woodlands. They'd wandered away from home to pick fall fruits, and had gotten very lost. Wraithvine was trying to locate the child's home and family, and it was very dark out, so not all that safe to travel. While the child was curled up on a bedroll, they looked up at Pondermoore and asked "Tell me a bedtime story, please?" -- Anon Guest

Judging by the squeak as she picked it up, Pondermoore thought the creature was a wild cat. It was almost as small as one, but most definitely not feline. That was a Human.

"...please don' eat me?" the child squeaked. "I'm not even a loaf."

Pondermoore tucked the child into the crook of her arm. "Pondermoore not grind bones to make bread," she said. "That's terrible bread. You need food and warmth."

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