Challenge #03114-H205: What Was I Talking About?

Never, never, get an obsessed person talking about their favourite subject. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The alternative is to always encourage a person to talk about something they love, but I guess that's a matter of perspective]

"I mean yeah they had cardboard sets and easily recognisable props, and plotlines that were scraping the barrel, but it had heart. Like they knew they were doing the best with the little they had and they were pulling every trick they had their hands on to make it work. They were trying so hard and it shows. This wasn't even shoestring budget. More like spiderweb budget."

Kraznark the interrogator wondered if ze should initiate a tag team system. It had been five hours and this Human had yet to reach the end of their rant about debatably terrible science fiction features. Without, apparently, pausing for breath, water, or food.

"It's the ones with the spiderweb budgets that have the most heart, you know? Like, they had nothing but an idea and a handful of buddies willing to pull something out of their collective asses and it shows... but there's a good concept and everyone's behind it one thousand percent. Like, there's no way in the world that high-ticket studios can even try to catch that lightning in a bottle."

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