Challenge #03098-H190: We Already Made That Choice

A planet has a rogue virus that is quite dangerous and, for some, lethal. A vaccination has been found, but due to a dangerous quirk of the virus, it's being difficult about combining it with an immuno-flu, so the old-fashioned shots have to do until another way is found.

Unfortunately, the "pure life" protestors are there trying to physically stop the medical ships from getting to the planet, and they're willing to open fire to stop them. -- Anon Guest

There were no Pure Lifers on Drisolkess, which had shut down all travel in an effort to contain the spread of their plague. Nevertheless, the Pure Lifers were given umbrage by the fact that the only way -so far- to contain the disease known as Yerisania was the archaic and invasive needle.

Yerisania was a flulike variant that, if combined with the barely-acceptable immunoflu, would mutate into new variants that were even more deadly. Those failures had been incinerated before they could leave the test tube. Science had done its best, but the old ways were the ones that worked best. The mistake had been announcing this during the manufacturing phase, before all the ampules could be shipped safely down to Drisolkess.

High Knomira Pauscha Diamante Jones had mobilised the fleet in instants. Despite Drisolkess' protests, despite the celebration regarding the good news, despite the CRC's attempts to stop them... the flotilla of Pure Life Blockaders surrounded Drisolkess and demanded to speak to the manager. What they got was vastly different to what they expected.

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