Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon PLNs

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. I heard that anyone near Kippa-ring needs to get themselves tested because of one agro Knomira. Lovely. Thirty-six active cases, thirty-three in hospital and two in ICU.

I'm still not saying Queensland has a handle on things. Last time I said that, a Knomira escaped the net and spread the plague all over Brisvegas. I'm waiting for Doughnut Day to go at least halfway towards the full twenty before I declare that.

All the same, it's nice to see the numbers dwindling.

I have a new routine.

  1. Coffee and prep until 10 to 6AM
  2. Stream
  3. Post-stream nonsense including the advertising cycle, putting the story in my archive, and waiting for Chaos' bus
  4. During bus time, write my novel words
  5. Get back to anything left over after Chaos is off to school
  6. Alternate fun writing with TaleSpire until I am no longer motivated to footle around in either. Interspersed with YouTube, lunch, and Tumblr
  7. [Somewhere in the middle of all that] wait for Chaos' bus again with fun writing and correspondence on the agenda
  8. Winding down on the fun writing, TaleSpire, and footling about
  9. Turn off brain and watch TV until bedtime

I am definitely getting the hang of TaleSpire, including setting the build levels and clip-pasting areas to correct mistakes.

The way things are set up at the moment, if you need to move an entire area you just built, you select it, clip it, move it, and paste it.

There's other tricks, like using elevation mechanics to put things through other things and make them new things.

In the news:

  • China threatens revenge for... ::checks notes:: being blamed for a cyberattack that was either them or Russia. Great look. Stay classy.
  • Loophole for tradies may mean more plague cases
  • Outspoken right-winger thrown out of Aus needs to STFU
  • Mum of infected removalists found dead
  • NSW says "get into iso" - Knomiras say "F U mate"
  • Prince Harry publishes memoir
  • Idiot tries to live in van to escape lockdown, has regrets
  • SA made some mistakes and now it has plague outbreaks too
  • Olympic "anti-sex" beds debunked
  • Qld is still open to NSW. Wat

And now, on with the show.