Challenge #03066-H158: Stolen By the Fae

Especially at the beginning of integrating humans into the Galactic Alliance, there are still humans that have never been to space, don't really need any training. What do a fierce crew who have 2 (as many as you want) death-defy-ing humans think of this? do they visit earth and see this? or is a human with no training forced out into space. how crazy can a human with no training be? probably just as crazy but that's not the point lol. Chaos ensues, have fun! -- DisasterPan

Humans went from "to be avoided" to "in high demand" practically overnight. Which resulted in a lot of Humans entering employment whether they wanted it or not. The Alliance didn't necessarily travel all the way to Terra to get them, since Human colonies were abundant. However, many of them were... not exactly prepared for a spacer's life.

Call hir... Den. Ze had just been minding hir own business, eking out hir existence on a poultry farm in the middle of almost-nowhere. Then the sky lights came and now ze was... here. A smooth, neutrally-coloured area that may or may not be one of the circles of hell. The bed upon which Den lay was comfortable, but the clothes were... not hirs.

Gone was the homespun cloth from hir mothers' loom. Gone was the handmade quilt from hir grandmother. Gone was the poppet ze had had from childhood. This was not hir home. Everything was too clean. There was no way anyone had been living in this space before Den had been deposited here. There was so much to take in...

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