Challenge #02919-G362: Pass It On

I'd like to know more about Human Gis and her discovery of the flower that helped ease, then cure, her bad cough and helped heal the scar tissue in her lungs. Did the kid get credit for her discovery? Maybe a bonus? And did her companion help her with her self-esteem?

It's from this story from back in May. -- DaniAndShali

It would eventually be named the Rentiniv Daisy, via several miscommunications and some typography errors. By the time things could be corrected, it was already too late. The name was entered and logged into the Alliance Medik dictionaries. It was a small yellow flower and as unremarkable as a dandelion, while being as hardy as Baby's Breath. It also possessed a scent that, though inoffensive, was distinctive.

Discovered on Rentin IV by Ship's Human Giselle Barnabus. The medical properties of its perfume and pollen are still being explored. Human Gis gets credit for the propagation information and discovery royalties from every scientist and Medik working on the chemistry of the bloom. The amount they pay is a fraction of the Time Human Gis spent on her own experiments, but that doesn't matter. The science is happening everywhere, working on how the flower worked its magic and if such a miracle could be replicated by technology.

The Time flows towards a managed account to help support those like Human Gis, who had lingering harm from early editions of the immunoflu. Beta drafts of which were not only wild, but still causing harm in the outlying Human realms. There is little more devastating than a good idea gone bad, and all attempts to wipe it out were ongoing and arduous. Something like the Rentiniv Daisy makes an amazing stopgap. The managed account helps pay for victims of bronchial scarring to acquire daisies of their own. It's the right thing to do.

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