Challenge #02904-G347: Ancient Terran Humour

trust me -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link leads to a black page with a purple button that also reads TRUST ME. If you click it, you get a page full of the Pokemon Ditto dancing to The Conga. You will definitely get fired if you're caught viewing this in the office]

This was a vault made by Humans. The way to get through varying doors was to solve puzzles involving bits of Human culture that -according to the Humans who made it- everyone should know. That was centuries ago.

The state of common knowledge has changed. What was once everyone knows has become the realm of stunt historians. Who were squishy and not prepared for the booby traps. Their progress had been halted for three months by one door. It was locked with a touchscreen with a single button visible on it. It had pre-shattering English on it. Two words. TRUST ME.

The only group more nervous than this is a Dungeons and Dragons adventuring party facing a door on the other end of a long hallway that is just a little bit ajar. The argument and counter argument concerning how big a trap this was had been dragging on while the techie side of the team were trying to hack the lock.

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