Challenge #02873-G316: A Puzzling Sample -- Anon Guest

The Archivaas are primarily Human. One of the few sects of Human obsession that made hoarding work for them. They will, like most Humans, adopt anyone who shares their compulsion. Compulsions are not always healthy, but the Archivaas work hard to make theirs as healthy as possible.

Always be wary of an order capable of re-ordering entire solar systems so they can store their collections. They're very capable of being dangerous if their minds ever turn away from collecting things and towards combat. Even the Vorax don't mess with the Archivaas, reasoning correctly that they only look like harmless collectors in their brown robes, and there has to be something hazardous under that soft veneer[1].

Thuul was not the first Havenworlder to join the Archivaas, but they were one of the first to enter the Terran archives to view and catalogue some material that had only been categorised on the cursory level. Animation is not a genre, despite many viewing it as such, and the mistake of assuming all animated material is for children[2] is one that the Archivaas are well aware of.

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