Saturday, Day One, I should try to chill

The spreader case in Adelaide once again employed the "genius" tactic of lying to the track and trace people. Something he would not be punished for because that sort of bullshit is still not a crime.

The fuck?


I finished KOSBOB and am veering away from anything at all related to looking at novel writing until after the week is done, and even then I'm seeing how I feel about it by then.

I'm waiting for the fire in my heart to overwhelm the rain from the outside world. This plague nonsense really smacked me upside the head.

I have had cake for breakfast, and have plans for noodles and ice cream (separately!) later in the day. So a fantastic feast day for me.

I'm trying to ignore the news, but it is so hard.

Conspiracy loonies have locked onto the phrase "The Great Reset" like it's a terrible thing for people to have the right to shelter, health, sustenance, and self-worth. Or, you know, an enacted plan to reverse climate change. There's red circles around the aspirational phrase "build back better" and everything. Because taking money away from billionaires will somehow destroy the world as we know it, dogs and cats living together, fish falling from the sky...


Let's away to another reality. I've had enough of this one.