Challenge #02752-G195: For the Thrills

The human is sitting with aliens who study the weather and they show some old videos, first giving offensensitivity warnings, of human storm chasers. They explain the jobs of the storm chasers, the dangers, and what was learned from those brave men and women who sometimes lost their lives in the pursuit of scientific discovery. They also explained of storm-tourists. Those insane adrenaline junkies who would go with storm chasers to catch a glimpse of storms like tornadoes, to be able to photograph and video them, sometimes taking their children with them. Just to have an adventure. -- Anon Guest

Humans have to be insane. No other species they knew of did things like this, not even in more dangerous times when lifespans were understandably shorter. Not a single intelligent life form known to the Alliance had ever willingly gone into dangerous phenomena for the thrills. When they had gone, for science, for discovery, for a desperate chance, they certainly didn't take their children with them.

This was clearly footage of Humans going towards a highly dangerous storm. A storm that destroyed property, destroyed lives, and caused intense damage wherever it went. Not only were they going towards clear and evident danger, but they were doing so with their fragile young in tow.

"What could a pre-verbal Human possibly learn from this excursion?" asked Companion Thrik, staring at the still frame of the adult Human with a much smaller Human strapped to their body. "Is that harness safe for such unsafe conditions? How does the protection from flying debris work?"

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