Challenge #02734-G177: Sub-telepathy in Action

Ever worked in an call centre? or in retail? How about gone shopping in the middle of the day? Sat down after a busy day just wanting to relax?

what do all these things have in common. How you seemingly know you won't be able to relax, even if there is a Lull, It Spontaneously gets Busy, as if everyone gets the same Idea to do the SAME thing right at the same time. be at the same place as you at the same time, or know that you're no longer busy at the same time and decide to call you/visit you/ask for your help.

there has to be something linking all these people, because there is no particular reason for it from an outside influence -- Adam in Darwin

Telepathy is difficult to accomplish naturally. Sub-telepathy, on the other hand, is easier than one might think. Pack-bonding species tend to develop it as yet another survival instinct. Of course, it can backfire spectacularly.

In a survival situation, it's beneficial to the pack to get the feeling that one's pack-mate is experiencing extended trouble. Help can arrive in shorter order and the pack functions better as a whole. The feeling of Packmate Needs Me is subtle and can be mistranslated into the wrong action.

Which explains how Humans can have days that go entirely sideways, and simultaneously backwards through a bramble bush. Human Si was having such a day. It began, as such days generally do, with an anxiety-induced early morning. With a project of minor urgency decided on as something to get out of the way to make the day easier. It never works like this. Let's watch the sub-telepathic signal at work...

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