Challenge #02729-G172: Tis the Season

Human 1: so what about you?

Human 2: I learned how to make paper cranes so I'm going to make them in different colors and put them in everyone's bedroom with notes like "this little bird told me xyz"

Human 1: ...

Human 1: epic. -- Anon Guest

Aprilfools: A Human holiday/tradition involving trickery, deceit, pranks, and practical jokes. Owing to many Terran Colony calendars becoming out of sync with the planet of origin, the entire Terran month of April has become a collective season of silly jokes. Always find out what kind of Prankster your Ships' Human is. Such foreknowledge has saved many lives. -- A Galactics' Guide to Human.

Humans have an interesting sense of humour. Attempting to discourage them from things they deem harmless has been a long and arduous journey. However, most of them do indeed prefer to share the laughter rather than cause lasting harm. Dye in the bathing water supply is a popular. Bubbles in fountains. Tiny writing somewhere inaccessible with the words, took you a lot to get up here and read this scribed carefully there.

Why the Humans insist on doing this is unknown, but it is known that the celebration of this peculiar holiday helps hold off Silly Season during that particular time of the year. All things considered, many species preferred the individualised shenanigans of Aprilfools to whatever mass hysteria occurred during Silly Season. It was easier to clean up for one.

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