Challenge #02700-G143: All Possible Help

A: I must ask, what are those around you arms and legs?

B: I’m testing something I call “exo-suit” of course it’s not complete yet, but I’m done with the torso.

A: you made a hole through titanium.

B: and it’s not neurologically-linked yet -- Anon Guest

Of course Human Asty was up to something in the workshop. The ship-shuddering boom was a dead giveaway. Companion Zee decided to see what the devastation was about this time before it came to major structural damage.

There was a solid titanium plate with a fist-sized hole in it and a triumphant Human Asty extracting the fist. They were wearing something gleaming and vaguely skeletal over their body. "Ha! Yes! Excellent."

"What are you wearing?" said Companion Zee. On closer examination, Zee could see that it was a series of frames around Asty's body, appearing to be high-grade battle-ready cerametal with microservos along its glistening substructure. "What are you wearing?"

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