Challenge #02696-G139: The Whoa Signal

Have you ever wondered what [REDACTED] is? Not many know about it, apparently it is a [REDACTED] that is able to [REDACTED] out of [REDACTED]. But that’s not all; if you're able to [REDACTED] with it you’ll be able to-

Sorry they’re getting closer, but so am I to finding [REDACTED] full capacity. Meet me at [REDACTED] and we’ll discuss more with less ears in the wall.


Some people should never be handed a puzzle. Some people should definitely not trip over one. I am just one of those 'some'. Why? Because I go traipsing innocently down that rabbit hole to find the answer no matter how irrelevant it is to my own income, health, or survival. It's an obsession and I honestly thought I was on top of it until I got that censored message.

I mean, heavily censored. It wasn't even meant for me, I just happened to be in the intercept path. APB -all points bulletin- or ARM -all receivers message- depending on where you are at the time. I got it on auto-record so I could play with it. The people jamming it had a scrambler censor. One that took random parts of the bad words and rearranged them. If you know what the words are. I didn't.

That wasn't going to stop me. I'm a long-haul freighter pilot. Most of the time. When that's your job, on the endless passage between humdrum and monotony, you need a lot of sanity projects. Arts and crafts, puzzles, your own virtuality sandbox, you know the deal. So of course the next few days found me with sound editing equipment, trying to make words out of sonic guacamole.

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