Challenge #02690-G133: Labor of Love

A human who enjoys fiber crafts goes on a quest to find the perfect material to make a soft, cuddly...thing for a havenworlder friend's birthday. The havenworlder is not from a culture that celebrates birthdays. -- Anon Guest.

"This is for a Havenworlder," said the Human in the store. "I need the friendliest fibre you've got. Soft, gentle, won't tangle in their scales or rip their little baby claws if they get caught up. I'd really prefer they didn't get caught up. They panic a lot."

Craft stores see a lot of bizarre requests. Creatives often journey down strange and interesting rabbit-holes and surface in peculiar places. Anyone who makes jewellery knows the interesting possibilities of the hardware store. All creatives who make things know the irresistible lure of the Bits Shop[1], which generates bizarre requests on its own.

"And you are making this for a Havenworlder's comfort?" asked the shopkeeper. There had been a brandished pattern for a soft toy, and an explicit list of chemical compounds not safe for the intended recipient, and the sense of an impending deadline. "When is it expected?"

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