Friday. It's time for bread

So. This morning so far is:

  • Feed cats
  • Consult with Beloved visavis bread making [it's white loaves this time]
  • Feed starters
  • Make pancakes out of harvest for Chaos
  • Realise that Chaos wants to eat them at home (fml)
  • See Chaos off to school
  • Finish making the pancakes
  • Prep for bread [weighing, sifting, containing]
  • Finally have coffee and pills
  • Unfuckening the house
  • And now I get to sit down and work for a change

It's been a busy morning, and I still haven't begun creating dough.

There may be bread tonight, there may be bread tomorrow. It's up to the leavening and whatnot to tell me when it's ready to be bread. In the meantime, there are pancakes of dubious quality because I am still learning about how our new mixing machine behaves.

For now though, I attempt to stay sane and write story.