Challenge #02670-G113: Inspired Desperation? Entertainment!

H: Did you know that you can use Duct Tape to patch your space space suit a pinch?

A: I believe you are trying to deceive me. To make me feel better about the situation you have got us into.

H: Aww. Don't be like that. It works, I promise, I've done it before.

A: That does not surprise me. -- Anon Guest

"We only have soft atmospheric livesuits. They're not rated for micrometeor impact."

"No worries," cheered Human Adam. "I've got a crate of ductape!"

Ordinarily, this would be a nonsequiteur, but from the mouth of a Human, this was a harebrained scheme that had a ninety-eight percent chance of working horrifyingly well and a two percent chance of blowing something up in the process. "This is going to be Havenworlder Safe, right?"

"Uuuuuh..." said Human Adam. Always a danger sign. "Yeah, I can make it Havenworlder Safe. You're at level two so this should be fine. It's gonna be great. Promise."

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