Challenge #02662-G105: Bring Your Own Roadblock

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." - Roosevelt -- SilverRey

Welcome to Pantibole Prime. Mind how you go. Picture, if you will, a planet divided. For centuries, the Ventith and the Tigraas have been, if not at war, then at minimum intense rivalry since their history began. It has always been aquas against magentas. Either in bloody war, guerilla conflict, or beating the pants off the opposing side in sportsball... there has always been a rivalry between the two.

They heard -through various misadventures and at least one prehistory encounter with a colonial Human[1]- the phrase, "Speak softly and carry a big stick". Thanks to varying misinterpretations about how this is supposed to work, this has lead to the leaders speaking the softest and wielding the biggest sticks.

They are no longer mere lengths of wood, but elaborately carved extravaganzas of woodwork, inlays, and beset with gemstones. They are herculean efforts of artistry, impressive in size, width, girth, and weight. They jangle with dangling charms and, after the treaty of One-Person-One-Stick, the maximum possible weight that a singular Phantibi can lift and move on their own[2]. Much care is taken with the centre of balance, as well as the artistry involved.

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