Challenge #02598-G041: A Lasting Reminder

There was this one abandoned space station where humans liked to paint graffitis and do other illegal stuff. When authorities find out they started to patrolling this place. After months of punishments, fines and even prison owners finally rebuild whole place and even let humans paint on special walls. It was this moment when illegal started to be legal. The very next day there was giant graffiti inside the biggest and most secured space station in the whole galaxy. -- Anon Guest

If you build it, a Human has already written something on it. -- Edge Territory saying.

Though it is widely accepted that literacy is one of the essential steps towards civilisation in general, and space-travelling in particular, it's the Humans who've made a big deal out of leaving their mark. No structure is so remote, too neglected, or too risky to both visit and write upon.

It's so endemic to the species that the rest of Galactic Society has surrendered in the form of Designated Graffiti Walls. None of which existed on Nonesuch Station. For the matter, neither did other things like air, power, intelligent life, or any kind of safety whatsoever when visiting the site. Nevertheless, Humans came, they saw, they scribbled.

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