Challenge #02457-F267: One Link

I am not determined to be incompetent. I just want to feel safe. -- Anon Guest

Marvin nursed his arm, which he was told was only a sprain. He could only see out of one eye because his friends and allies in the Malitovs had given him one heck of a shiner for mucking up the capture of the wizard and their pet Kobold. Now, to prove his worth to his gang, he had to guard them. The wizard was bound and gagged, but the Kobold was just bound. Not a threat, they said. Something even an idiot like him could accomplish, they said.

All he had to do was stick them with the pointy end if they tried to escape. Just stand - because he'd fall asleep if he sat down - and watch them and don't let them out of his sight. Whatever they had done to his leg could certainly keep him uncomfortable enough to stay awake after a long, long day.

The Kobold was looking at him funny. Almost like it was... more intelligent than Kobolds were supposed to be. "You were watching the inn, last night," it said. "That was close to midnight... How long have you been awake?"

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