Challenge #02433-F243: One More Thing

Do it yourselfers have a problem, "I needa", and after multiple trips to the local hardware store you acquire stuff. Which leads to 'innovative storage'. -- Anon Guest

It starts with a project that should be simple, but you need more than what is present in the allegedly simple kit. The people who put that kit together assumed that you were starting from a certain level of familiarity. So you go out to acquire the missing items of necessity.

Once there, you realise that there's a few items that are actually better than the ones in the kit, and it couldn't hurt to have suchlike for the next time. That's how it starts. Once returned with your new items, the kit's instructions have left out a step, a tool, a piece, and now the race is on to find out what it is. In the process, you discover that the kit is absolute garbage and literally everything in it needs to be replaced with something better because it's all made out of non-standard, unmatchable parts.

If you are phenomenally lucky, the replacement of the kit takes one trip. However, the odds against that are so astronomical that you are more likely to create a new reality by snapping your fingers. After that is finally accomplished, comes finding out that the tools you have are inadequate for the task, and you need to upgrade all of them. Eventually, though, the project is finished, and you can relax.

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