Challenge #02408-F218: To Prevent Apocalypse...

(Someone complaining about why the gods didn't handle [Sealed Evil in a Can (horror from beyond reality flavour!)] earlier)

[Person who has more insight into how the gods work than others]: It's probably a combination of [god in important relevant position who got the job because all the other gods eligible for it, including the one(s) doing it who knew HOW to do it, died fighting OTHER horrors from beyond reality literal aeons ago] not knowing how to do their job, what exactly their job entrails, and [god of handling the REALLY dangerous things and being the Big Stick of the pantheon] being completely useless. -- RecklessPrudence

"Okay, I get how this being is beyond evil and should be stopped, but..." Lady Anthe flailed at the air. "Couldn't the gods stop them earlier? Did they have some kind of deity-repelling nonsense or...?"

Wraithvine only moved their eyes, glancing upwards to the ceiling in a moment of trepidation.

"Oh come on," said Marvin. "If they can smite us, they should have smote Hyarenkys... centuries ago. You know it's truth."

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