Challenge #02402-F212: Macgyvering it

You know, after seeing how humans break video games, aliens shouldn't ve so surprised by the dumb things humans think of to solve problems. Also, they should practically expect said dumb things to work. -- Anon Guest

There is a saying, If it's dumb and it works, it wasn't that dumb. It should be no surprise at all that the Humans were responsible for coining it. Humans have a song celebrating how they do, or did, 'all the dumb things'. Reports of those who have heard it say that it 'slaps'.

Humans do silly, daft, ridiculous, and illogical things all the time. They do it to their interactive entertainments, especially in a competitive frame of mind. Some win prizes for how thoroughly they can make an interactive entertainment break in amusing ways. It should, therefore, be no surprise that Humans tend to view daily life and the challenges therein with the same kind of gung-ho, whatever-works attitude.

It should be no surprise. Unfortunately, it very often is such. Take the Talqathi Station Event, where a micrometeor shower got past all available defences and added lethal holes to the hulls. Of course there was a scramble for livesuits. Of course there was a general evacuation... but the Humans who lived there were attached to the place and didn't want to leave their home behind.

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