Challenge #02386-F196: Please Ask

When you have an interest, you have something to enjoy in the humdrum of daily life. -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Podunk Station. Mind the legos. This is a natural result of leaving three to five Humans largely alone for long periods of time. Though their daily duties are many, Humans are naturally lazy and figured out how to streamline the humdrum necessities of daily existence... and then sought out new ways to keep busy during their non-active hours.

Fortunately, some of their organic crops' inedible remnants could be turned into organo-plastics. Which the Humans aboard Podunk Station commenced to do. They then used those plastics to print a seemingly infinite supply of modular building blocks.

That's when the true insanity had commenced. Colour was simply a matter of the correct chemical compounds, and the crew could essentially print any part they wanted, in any colour they wanted, whenever they wanted it. The crew of Podunk started making miniature scenery.

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