Challenge #02358-F168: Dramatis Personae

Reading a lot of these I noticed some recurring characters. Is there any kind of character bio for them, and if not would you possibly give us some? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Not exactly a story but this must be important so...]

Amalgam Universe


  • Species: Faiize, a gengineered version of the non-cogniscent, sluglike 'cleaners' with some massive feature creep and consequent legal battle in regards to their concealed-until-undeniable cogniscence. Each Faiize is named by a computer, using a random collection of phonic elements.
  • Gender Identity: Male.
  • Actual Gender: Unknown. It's an industry secret and part of the continuing lawsuit.
  • Occupation: JOAT - Jack/Jill/Jharren Of All Trades.
  • Familial Relationships: Though his makers are a corporation called Wave of the Future, he does not consider any of his B'Dauss gengineers to be his parents nor his deities. It's hard to Believe in anyone once you've seen them wandering around in last week's coffee stains with their fly undone. Rael does count his test-creche siblings as actual siblings. Successive generations count as niblings[1]. He finds the rest of his family as time goes by.
  • Platonic Relationships: Has befriended several people on Amalgam Station including Nik the Gyiik, Ambassador Shayde, and Aunty Fan-Fan.
  • Semi-regular Employment with the Ambassadorial Aides Service, and Security, for keeping Shayde out of trouble. He's not always successful.

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