Challenge #02211-F021: Edge Case

A young human has many questions about the Vorax, specifically considering potential friendship. -- Anon Guest

This is Edge Space. Where the laws are negligible or arbitrary and generally written around whatever is most convenient. Here, the weirdest things can happen. Havenworlders and Deathworlders cohabit. People are more inclined to explain things when offense happens. In Galactic Space, one is expected to use good behaviour. In Edge Space, one is expected to communicate what good behaviour is. People normally at arms come there to trade on neutral ground.

This is where unlikely alliances are forged. Where assumed-foes meet and find a means of communication. Where unlikely friendships germinate and grow.

Human Stiv and Vorax Rh'th'gr initially drew weapons on each other reflexively. Stunners only, since this was neutral ground. There was a moment of vertiginous anticipation, then Human Stiv took a risk. "You trading dense metal?"

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